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Online Enrollment - Completing Step 1

Enrollment is now online. Please visit the Online Enrollment section on the KPS website.

Step 1

1. Select the form that applies to your situation.  If your child is going to attend regular kindergarten through 12th grade you will want to choose either

New Student K-12 Step 1 Enrollment Form


Returning Student Step 1 Enrollment Form

If your child is going into Early Kindergarten or Preschool, you will want to choose either 

New Student Early Kindergarten and Special Education Preschool Step 1 Enrollment Form 


Returning Student Early Kindergarten and Special Education Step 1 Enrollment Form

2. You will be directed to the Step 1 Enrollment form.

Tips for completing the form

  • Make sure you are applying to the correct school year and the anticipated start date is correct. 
  • Neighborhood School Zone: All students must apply to their neighborhood school.  You can fill out a transfer request form after you have finished Step 2 if you want to change schools.
  • Please note, once you hit submit you will not be directed to another page.  The form will just clear the data.  If you received the submission success message, your form has been completed.
Your Submission has been completed


Congratulations, you have completed step one. Please check your email for your Step 1 confirmation.




Once you submit the enrollment form the school registrar will review it.  They have to approve it prior to you being able to continue on to Step 2. This can take up to 48 hours depending on when your form was submitted.  During the summer hours our response times are varied.

Click here to continue to Step 2