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Online Enrollment - Completing Step 2


1. Once your application is approved, you will receive this email. 

This will contain the information needed to create or add your student to PowerSchool to complete the rest of the enrollment forms.




 2. Creating a Parent PowerSchool Account.
If you have issues, please email for assistance.
3. Moving Between Students

You can switch students by click on their name in the banner.

4. Enrollment Forms

Click on the Forms link




Click on the Enrollment Tab it will be highlighted yellow.  Only students who are in the process of enrolling will be able to view the Enrollment Tab.

Fill out all the forms on the list.  This generally takes about 15 minutes to complete.  Click on Step 2 Enrollment - 1. Review and Update Step 1.  Once you complete the form, hit submit.  You will get directed to the next form to fill out.  Continue to fill out forms and hitting submit until you get to the Next Steps Landing Page.  You may also have additional grade specific forms to complete.  


5. Uploading Documents

You will be asked to upload the following documents.  If you have issues uploading document, please contact the enrollment clerk.  They will be more than happy to assist you.  You can submit a pdf or snap a picture.

Incomplete registration will prevent your student from enrolling in Kalispell Public Schools. Once all forms are approved, your student will be enrolled.