FHS Theatre presents "Super-Secret Title" Show

The Flathead High School Theatre Department’s Acting 2 Class will present the wildly inventive and unnerving thriller “Super-Secret Title” Show December 17 & 18 at 6:27 pm in the David M. Hashley Theatre at Flathead High School.
       “You may be thinking ‘wait, what show am I seeing?’ By calling it a ‘super-secret’ show, our goal was not to create hype.  It was not to have this ‘you're totally missing out...and you're not in on the secret idea,’” said Sykora.  “The show fundamentally hinges upon having the least amount of information to the audience as possible. Plus with some creative internet searches using the nuggets of info we have released, the curious can easily be satisfied.”
        What Sykora will tell is what is the play’s teaser synopsis: The town of Menachap, California experiences an incomprehensible event: every person in the audience of a high school play falls unconscious--every person but one, a young woman, Angela Lure, who remembers it all.  Through letters, news clippings, interviews and recollections of Menachap's residents including first responders and the investigators pursuing the case, the FHS Theatre will bring this harrowing story of the strange event to life in a documentary-style best described by the cast as, "a play about a play within a play." “Let’s just say, this is not all the play is about,” said Sykora.   

FHS Acting 2

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