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Jennifer Thompson, Artist-in-Resident Art Projects

Art Box Pick Up Time and Materials List

From Jennifer Thompson, Artist-in-Resident for Russell Elementary School K-2

Tuesday morning, March 31, between 9:30 am and 1 pm, I will have 20 art boxes ready for pick up, OUTSIDE the flex room, on the west side of the building. They will be placed on the ground, 10 feet apart.

My teaching video, on the Russell School website, explains the content of the art boxes. The boxes have been made with a sanitary protocol, I worked out with a nurse. The materials in the box are to be used for the 2 art lessons in the teaching video.

If you do not get to the pick-up time or want to forego the pick-up, the following is a list of materials for the 2 art lessons.

One bundle of sticks ~ 4-10 inches long, small diameter.

One handful of natural materials such as Moss, Lichen, Liverwort, pine cones/bark

Cotton balls, dryer lint, soft materials

Fabric scraps

1-2 small stones

Glue or glue stick (a little bit goes a long way)

Pencil or spoon to spread the glue on fabric

Small, flat box (like a flat for small drinks/open on top) ~ 5 inches X 10 inches

Color pencils – a set of 12 is fine

1 black piece of paper/1 white piece of paper

Take photos of your child’s work and please email copies if possible.


Listen to their story of making what is comfort for them at this time! 

Click here for PDF link How to Talk with Children about Art by Lindsay Martin


Video Demonstration and Instructions:


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