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Kalispell Educator Excellence Program

Induction and Mentoring
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To support, encourage, mentor, challenge, inspire, and sustain educators in a career-long collaborative journey with Kalispell Public Schools

New Certified Staff Orientation Schedule

Monday August 17


Monday, August 14

7:45 am to 4:30 pm

New certified staff orientation hosted by district

All new early K to grade 12 certified staff

Report to Glacier High School Conference Room

7:45-11:45 am New staff induction hosted by induction/mentor directors

11:55 am-1:05 pm Catered lunch with your mentor in the GHS commons

1:00-3:30 pm District orientation hosted by district central office admin

3:30-4:30 pm Optional help/support session

For new staff, this is a paid contract day and attendance is required.


For additional information like Year One and Year Two meeting schedules, online resources and video tutorials, and evaluation criteria, please visit our K.E.E.P. website.



Year One K.E.E.P. Leaders

Nicole Capser      406-314-4401
Stephanie Hill            406-561-4261
Megan Koppes      406-897-4260

Year Two K.E.E.P Leaders

Kari Elliott          406-270-7265
Anthony Lapke      406-260-3361

K.E.E.P. Mentor Director

Clayton Mauritzen       406-212-0991

K.E.E.P. Director

Peter Fusaro      ​406-751-3400 ext.3441