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Transportation Fast Facts


District Transportation Characteristics 

  • Kalispell Public Schools ensures over 2600 students are safely transported to and from school on a daily basis. 
  • Kalispell Public Schools covers an area of 63.2 square miles for 5 elementary sites and 1 Middle School site.
  • Kalispell Public Schools covers an area of 1,212 square miles for 2 High Schools in Flathead County.
  • Home to School mileage this year will total nearly 500,000 for the High School and Elementary School Districts.

District Owed Buses

  • 10 District owned buses provide special transportation services to district students attending special programs at the elementary, middle school and high school sites. 
  •  Additionally, 4 District owned buses provide mandated services such as McKinney/Vento, to students attending Kalispell Public Schools. 
  • Re-directed students assigned to an elementary school other than their assigned home school (due to overcrowding) are bused to their newly assigned schools if needed.

Contracted Buses

  • Kalispell Public Schools contracts transportation services with the following bus companies: Harlows (18 Routes), Treasure State (10 Routes), Steven’s Bussing (2 Routes), and Z Bussing (1 Route) for the remainder of our transportation needs and services. 

Transportation for Field Trips

  • We also provide transportation services for a variety of Field Trip and Activity Trips throughout the year.  During the 2014-2015 school year we traveled a total of 130,000 miles on Activity related trips.

Bus Registration Information

  • All students residing closer than three (3) miles away from their school of attendance are considered ineligible riders and must pay a fee upon registering for the bus. 
  • Children who qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch Program also qualify for free or reduced transportation fees.  Submit all Free and Reduced Lunch forms to the Food Services department for processing.