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Unions and Associations

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Through a strong partnership between Union Leadership and the District, we strive to create a working environment that is safe and respectful; filled with caring and compassionate people.  This results in a positive and supportive workplace.  We accomplish this through collaborative working relationships and effective conflict resolution strategies. We welcome you to be a part of our success!

If you have additional questions, please contact your Union Representative or you can contact the Human Resources Director at 406.751.3435



Work Year Calendars




Kalispell Education Association (KEA)
Union President:  Lynne Rider, 406-253-0670
Union Vice President:  Anthony Lapke
Union Vice President #2:  Hollis May
Union Secretary:  Carla Olson
Union Treasurer:  Buck Measure
Certified Evaluations
Memorandum(s) of Agreement




Federation of Classified Personnel No. 4164, KFCP, MFPE, NEA, AFT, AFL-CIO

Executive Members:
Kris Hursh, President, 406-758-8600 x8369,
NIki Dykstra, Vice President
Alex Schaeffer, Treasurer, 406-752-8862
Vicki Marquette Secretary

Building Reps:
Admin, Rep Needed
FHS, Rep Needed
KMS, Rep Needed 
GHS, Kris Hursh
Edgerton, Tracie Bielz
Rankin, Sabra Jones; Robyn Talley-Lenander
Peterson, Sandy Nelson
Hedges, Alex Schaeffer
Elrod, Rep Needed
Russell, Rep Needed

Memorandum(s) of Agreement



Local No. 2795 American Fed. of State County & Municipal Employees, AFL-CIO
Union President:  Judd Nyberg, 406-253-2952
Union Vice President: Rep Needed
Secretary/Reporter: Rep Needed
Treasurer: Jeff Noullet
Memorandum(s) of Agreement



Maintenance Engineers/Grounds Association

Union President: Paul Jackson - 406-314-8401

Memorandum(s) of Agreement